A Dev Platform for Prompt Engineering

Developer tool suite for prompt engineering, model versioning, quantitative testing, performance monitoring, and fine-tuning. Compatible across all major LLM providers.

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Formalize your Prompt Engineering

Shiro Platform

Shiro enables teams to quickly iterate on prompts, by performing qualitative and quantitative comparisons of variations on prompt language, parameters, models, and even model providers across a suite of test cases. Teams can then deploy prompts and integrate with our API to generate LLM completions, which enables future editing of prompts without modifying code. All completion logs are stored along with statistics and metrics for performance monitoring.

Cross-LLM-Provider Support
Quantitatively compare how the same prompt performs across models from OpenAI™, Google™, Mistral™, Cohere™, AI21™, Anthropic™, AWS™, Microsoft Azure™ or your own fine-tuned model.
Test Cases & Quantitative Evaluation
Use test cases to create a variety of examples to test every permutation of your prompt, tests include quantitative evaluation metrics to objectively score and compare prompt performance.
Version History & Collaboration
Each prompt edit you make is version-controlled and can be reverted anytime. Each revision also has a unique url so that you can view it or share it with others at any time.
Performance Monitoring and Logs
LLM input, output, end-user feedback and statistics are captured for each interaction. Annotate completion logs with additional feedback or corrections to build a dataset for model fine tuning.
Roles and Permissions
Create roles and permissions to control access to features like editing prompts, managing deployments, and generating API completions.
Integrating with our high-reliability, low-latency API allows teams to programmatically generate completions for deployed prompts. Prompts can then be tweaked and modified through the Shiro UI, without making any code changes.
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