Specialized AI teams for your business

Empower your workforce with a team of specialized AI assistants developed from state-of-the-art LLMs. The more you use it the smarter your AI team gets.

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An AI assistant for every employee

Shiro AI platform

Upload your business documents to educate your AI on your business, then provide a team of specialized personal AI assistants to each of your employees. What took hours crafting proposals and copy or searching documentation, product specifications, company policies and design procedures can now take seconds with Shiro AI.

State-of-the-art LLMs
Use edge models from OpenAI™, Microsoft Azure™, Google PaLM™, HuggingFace™, Cohere™, AI21™, and Anthropic™.
Upload Your Data
Upload PDF files, Word documents and text files then query the data using our ChatGPT-like interface.
Two-factor Authentication
Best in class security protocols keep your company data secure, lock down access with two-factor Authentication.
Roles and Permissions
Create roles and permissions to fine tune access to features like file uploading, downloading and deleting.
Securely upload datasets or query your AI through our RESTful API enabling seamless integration with other applications.
5-star Support
Excellent customer support provided by phone, email and video chat to help solve issues within 24 hours.
On-site Available
Leverage our expertise with optional on-site implementation team and hands-on training sessions for your staff.
Public Benefit Company
We are an employee-owned Oregon benefit company. We don't want to replace humans, we want to make your employees superstars.

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