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Claude-3 Models from Anthropic Now Available

Yesterday Anthropic announced the release of the new claude-3 models. These are now available in Shiro as language model options when creating prompts. 

Claude 3 Opus
Anthropic's most intelligent model, with best-in-market performance on highly complex tasks. It can navigate open-ended prompts and sight-unseen scenarios with remarkable fluency and human-like understanding. Opus shows us the outer limits of what’s possible with generative AI.

Language model name: claude-3-opus-20240229

Claude 3 Sonnet
Strikes the ideal balance between intelligence and speed—particularly for enterprise workloads. It delivers strong performance at a lower cost compared to its peers, and is engineered for high endurance in large-scale AI deployments.

Language model name: claude-3-sonnet-20240229

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