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Mistral Models Added as Language Model Options

We've added all generative Mistral.ai models that are accessible through the Mistrail API. This includes mistral-tiny, mistral-small, and mistral-medium. These are now available in Shiro as language model options when creating prompts. 

This generative endpoint is best used for large batch processing tasks where cost is a significant factor but reasoning capabilities are not crucial.

Currently powered by Mistral-7B-v0.2, a better fine-tuning of the initial Mistral-7B released, inspired by the fantastic work of the community.

Language model name: open-mistral-7b

Higher reasoning capabilities and more capabilities.

The endpoint supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish and can produce and reason about code.

Currently powered Mixtral-8X7B-v0.1, a sparse mixture of experts model with 12B active parameters.

Language model name: mistral-small-latest
This endpoint currently relies on an internal prototype model.

Language model name: mistral-medium-latest

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