How to update the email address in your profile

There are two main steps that need to be completed in order to update your email address:

  1. Set a new email address in your profile
  2. Confirm your new email address

Step 1: Set a new email address:

Log into your account then select "profile" from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner under your profile picture.
Select "Profile" from the navigation

Then from the profile page, enter your new email address in the "Email" field and click the "Update" button.
Enter a new email address and click Update

Step 2: Confirm your new email address

The system will send a confirmation email to your new email address. You must open this email and click the "confirm" link in order to start using the new email address. Until you confirm the new address your old address will continue to be used for all communication and to log into your account.

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