Invite and manage users for your team account

After signing up for a team account, you can invite users to that account through your "Accounts" dashboard. To access the Accounts dashboard, click on your team name in the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner under your profile picture:

Click on your team name from the dropdown

From the Account detail page, you can see and edit the team name for the account and the account avatar image. You will also see all users who have access to your business account. You can also edit the users here to change their account permissions or to delete the user.

To add a new user click the "Invite A User" button from the Account detail page.

Click Invite a User

Fill out the new user form with the user's name and email address as well as the permissions role (admin or member) they should have. For more information on permissions view this article.

Fill in User Invitation Details

Click the "Send invitation" button to submit the form. The user will then receive an invitation via email with a link to sign up. They will automatically be added to the team account as a user during signup.

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