User permissions options for your team account

There are two permission levels available for users added to your team account: Admin Users and Member Users.

Admin Users

Admin only priveleges:
  • Edit a deployment's environment (e.g. change from development to production)
  • Delete deployments
  • View API keys
  • Manage API keys

Can manage your team account including:
  • Edit the team account name
  • Edit the team account profile picture
  • Invite users to the account
  • Delete invited users
  • Change permissions for invited users
  • View the billing portal
  • Edit the payment method
  • Cancel the account

Member Users

Admin users also have access to all member user functionality.

  • Create, and edit Prompts
  • Delete Prompt (unless it is deployed)
  • Access all Prompt versions
  • Create, edit, and delete Workshops
  • Create, edit, and delete Test Cases
  • View Test Results
  • Deploy a Prompt
  • Edit a Deployment name

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